Wednesday, December 18, 2013



I am a small business owner working out of my home.  As such, every action taken by our government affects the success of my business.  For far too long, everything the government does has hurt my business and this is true for most people across the country.  Here are some examples:

Every year, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma publishes a report on the wasteful spending by our government.  This money is not the government’s money, it is OUR money that they took from us through taxes.  Money WE earned by going to work or working our businesses.  We spent the hours, days, weeks, months and years earning this money just so we could turn it over to the government and they can waste it.

  • $297 MILLION – for a blimp to be used by the Army to fly for up to three weeks at a time to record what was happening on the ground.  It was supposed to fly over the battlefield in Afghanistan by December 2011. 

    It actually flew one time in New Jersey in August 2012.
    Grounded Blimp

    As usual with the government, there were cost overruns and the blimp could only stay up 4 – 5 day, not three weeks.  Now, the war in Afghanistan is ending, so the project is closed.
  • $325,525 – a study on heated marital arguments.  Really!  This is not government’s purpose OR any of their business.  If anyone really cared, they should have paid for the study, not us.  (By the way, the government paid for this study to tell women they need to calm down faster during arguments.)
  • $1 MILLION – a bus stop in Washington, D.C. has heated benches and sidewalks and provides wireless service.
  • $700,000 – upkeep of 28 acres in Brussels of the privately-owned home of U.S. Ambassador to NATO. 
    Castle and Garden

    Why am I working so hard every day to pay for the privately-owned gardens of a guy living in Brussels?  He owns the place, let HIM pay for the upkeep.
  • $914,000 – a study on romance.  Yup, romance.  Romance in novels, comics, films, advice books, songs and on the internet.  This subject is so fascinating to the government, they are looking all the way back to the ancient Greeks.

    REALLY?  Again, this is NOT the purpose of government and none of their business.  There are better uses for the money I paid for taxes, such as not cutting military retirees pensions and benefits.  The military risk their lives for their countries and their families often live in substandard housing crawling with roaches (especially the enlisted).
  • $7 BILLION – destroying perfectly good military equipment.  It just thrills my heart to know the government is using MY hard-earned money to destroy military equipment, and will then later, have to spend more of my hard-earned money to build new equipment. 

    Why are they destroying it? The war in the Middle East is winding down and they can’t be bothered with selling it or shipping it back home.
  • $379 MILLION – paid to a Canadian company to develop the Obamacare website, which doesn’t work.  I have nothing against the Canadian company except this money was paid for by U.S. taxpayers.  With millions of U.S. citizens out of work or under-employed, the $379 MILLION could have created some “shovel-ready” jobs right here in the U.S.

    Add to that, the website doesn’t work and it is estimated it will cost twice as much to fix.  More of OUR money goes down the drain.  (Do you think you could spend your money better?)
  • $3 MILLION – for NASA to go to Washington, D.C and study how Congress works.

    I will tell the government for free just how it works!
  • $65 MILLION – Hurricane Sandy “Emergency” funds, that should have been spent to help those whose homes and business were destroyed by the hurricane was spent by state-level government people in New York and New Jersey for TV ads to promote tourism.

    It was awful nice of New York’s and New Jersey’s state governments to spend MY money on TV ads to promote tourism so they could fill the government coffers with tourist money.  Too bad for those whose homes and business were destroyed by the hurricane.

  • $3.5 MILLION – for solar panels covered by a tarp.  Yup!  The federal government paid for solar panels on the parking garage at the Manchester-Boston Airport.  Biggest problem (besides the gov’t wasting money on ineffective green energy), the panels blinded pilots and air traffic controllers. 

    Who didn’t see that one coming?

I hope you are as disgusted with this waste of OUR money.  This is just the tip of the ice.  There is more you just won’t believe.

It is time to VOTE the wasteful buzzards out of office.  Many who have been in office for decades and are coming up for re-election in 2014 are upset because Americans from their own political party have decided to run against them in the primaries.  Too many of the senators and representatives feel these positions are theirs for life because they won one election.  How dare anyone oppose them?

That attitude alone is enough for them to be voted out.  I encourage everyone to pay attention to what the government is doing when you are not looking.  Read both sides of the stories and figure out the truth for yourself, then go and vote!


  1. You say vote them out, who are you going to vote in?, they are all the same......
    I think your blog talks sense, I live in the UK, and your information is a complete mirror of what is happening here in the UK.
    It was very refreshing to read your story, I added you on G+, "because I want to hear more".......smiles

    1. Good point, David. I don't have all the answers except that we need to educate ourselves and be more demanding of the government than the government is of us. That means the people have to do a lot, which is hard when you are raising kids, working, etc. But if we don't, the alternative is too horrendous to contemplate. (P.S. I would love to visit the UK some day. Many of my ancestors came from there.)

    2. David, I hope you got a chance to read my blogs on Elective Despotism Parts 1 and 2. Part 3 will be coming soon.

  2. Many on Social Security Receive Only $715.00 per Month to Live On. The Poorest of the Poor. Most of Those I Am Speaking of Are Our War Veterans, Their Wives, and Many of There Family Members. People Who's Careers Were Cut Short Thru No Fault of There Owne, Now Losing There Homes Because the Can Not Pay There Property Taxes, Fix There Leaking Roof’s Where Every Day Is No Longer Fun but Filled with Worries, over Money.

    There Could Be 80,000,000, That’s 80 Million Jobs ! Created over Night and it Is So Simple, Increase Entitlements, Just a Thousand Dollars More, per Person on Social Security Would Start the Recovery Process over Night, Seniors Could Fix There Homes. Buy New American Cars and Be Happy Again. Our Children Can Go to Collage and Those That Have Lost There Jobs Could Go Back to Work or College.

    Start the Trickle up Process. Bail out the Poor, Watch the Remarkable Change That Will Permeate Through the World !
    President Barack Obama, Now Is the Time to Make Your Greatest Mark in Humanity. Change the World by Saying Americans Have One Stand of Living for All in this Country,, it Is Good for Everyone

    1. I know all too well the plight of veterans. My father, husband, and two brother-in-laws are all retired vets and I now have a son who is a Captain in the Air Force. My husband and I were talking the other day of how great it would be if an old military base could be purchased and turned into a place for ex-vets to go and live with their families as they adjust to life outside of the military. They could have various trainings on different types of jobs. The base has the facilities for a grocery store, bowling alley, movies, etc and family members could be hired to work at those places. The opportunities would be beyond what I can put in this reply. Need to figure out how to get this idea out to those with money and influence.